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Every Princess Needs a Dress-up Closet

Where else do you put all those dresses, tutus, shoes, necklaces and tiaras?


Princess dress-up closet made from an old dresser

What I love best about this is that this closet was made by up-cycling my old raggedy dresser. My husband got rid of the broken drawers and hinges, missing handles and saved the dresser from the dumpster. With a little paint and new hardware, he transformed it into an adorable piece of furniture perfect for organizing my daughter’s dress-up clothes and accessories in her play room!


Princess dress-up closet made from an old dresser

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Organize Those Hair Clips and Bows

Our hairbow collection was overflowing and needed a nice display. My sister made the “L” for my daughter and it quickly filled up. She had so many bows and hair clips that I added the “A” with leftover ribbon my sister had. All it takes are some wooden letters from your craft store, ribbon and a glue gun. Add a couple small nails to the wall and voila!

Best part is my daughter now gets to admire all her bows and likes to pick out which one to wear!


If you want to incorporate a headband holder as pictured on the right above, just grab a smaller contrasting ribbon, loop it and glue to the larger ribbon. Do this as many times as needed for your headbands. You can also make your large ribbon double-sided for extra durability. Just double your ribbon length, fold it in half and use your glue gun to glue the pieces together.

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