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Every Princess Needs a Dress-up Closet

Where else do you put all those dresses, tutus, shoes, necklaces and tiaras?


Princess dress-up closet made from an old dresser

What I love best about this is that this closet was made by up-cycling my old raggedy dresser. My husband got rid of the broken drawers and hinges, missing handles and saved the dresser from the dumpster. With a little paint and new hardware, he transformed it into an adorable piece of furniture perfect for organizing my daughter’s dress-up clothes and accessories in her play room!


Princess dress-up closet made from an old dresser

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Organize Those Hair Clips and Bows

Our hairbow collection was overflowing and needed a nice display. My sister made the “L” for my daughter and it quickly filled up. She had so many bows and hair clips that I added the “A” with leftover ribbon my sister had. All it takes are some wooden letters from your craft store, ribbon and a glue gun. Add a couple small nails to the wall and voila!

Best part is my daughter now gets to admire all her bows and likes to pick out which one to wear!


If you want to incorporate a headband holder as pictured on the right above, just grab a smaller contrasting ribbon, loop it and glue to the larger ribbon. Do this as many times as needed for your headbands. You can also make your large ribbon double-sided for extra durability. Just double your ribbon length, fold it in half and use your glue gun to glue the pieces together.

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DIY Lei for Kids


This is a great summer craft for the kids and nearly mess-free! Would be a great kid-friendly activity for a summer luau, pool party or family BBQ. My daughter made this at her daycare for a luau-themed party.

All you need are some colorful plastic straws cut into 1-inch pieces, green (or any color!) yarn cut to fit your child’s neck and colorful paper cut into flowers. If your kids are able, they could do the cutting as part of the craft.

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Colorful Topiaries Make Great Centerpieces

Decorate your home or office with this adorable topiary made of colorful ribbon. Also makes a great party centerpiece! The best part is you can reuse this idea for any season or party theme – just swap out the ribbon color to match what you need!

Credit for these goes to my sister who made these topiaries for my baby shower. I loved them at the party and now use them to decorate my daughter’s room!


What You Need:
Small flower pot
Medium Styrofoam ball
Small Styrofoam ball
Dowel rod
Ribbon, assorted colors and patterns
Glue gun
Colorful Easter grass or shredded paper
Paint, for the vase (optional)
Modeling clay (optional)

What to Do
1. Paint the vase if you aren’t able to find one in the desired color. Let it dry.

2. Cut ribbon into 4 inch strips.

3. Fold ribbon strip in half and pin to the medium Styrofoam ball. Repeat until the ball is covered.

4. Insert one end of the dowel rod into the large Styrofoam ball and the other end into the small Styrofoam ball.

5. Place the small Styrofoam ball into the flower pot.

6. Decorate the pot with a strip of ribbon around the top and perhaps a bow. Use glue gun to secure ribbon to the flower pot.

7. Optional: Add modeling clay around the small Styrofoam ball to prevent movement in the flower pot. (I highly recommend this, but it’s not crucial. Just be gentle with the pot if you skip it.)

8. Drop in the Easter grass or shredded paper to cover the inside of the pot.

There you have it! Make as many as you need to create a festive look in your home, office or at your next party!

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Celebrate Spring with an Easy Butterflies Craft

Celebrate spring with this easy butterfly craft! Let the kids be creative and make good use of all those crafting scraps you have been collecting.

All it takes is a couple of toilet paper rolls, construction paper, markers and any other craft items you have on hand (googly eyes, pipe cleaners, sequins, rhinestones, cotton balls, etc.) — really anything goes!

These cute little butterflies were made by my sister and my nephew!


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Pin the Candle on the Cupcake Party Game


For my daughter’s birthday party last year, we did a Sugar Rush (Wreck-it Ralph) theme — more on that later! — and wanted to to incorporate the theme into the games and activities.

My husband and I — yes, you read that right — created this easy DIY Pin the Candle on the Cupcake game to tie in to the theme. We thought it would be fun for kids and adults alike to take part in this one, so we made sure to have lots of extra candles on hand.

My husband was in charge of making the cupcake. He cut out the cupcake holder and cupcake top using gold and white poster board, and then he glued them onto a pink poster board. He glued small scraps of various colored paper to the cupcake top to make sprinkles.

I was in charge of the candles. To make them, I got various solid and patterned paper scraps from my stash and cut them in 4 in. x 1 in. rectangles. Then I used my scraps of gold and yellow to cut the flames. I drew a flame shape on one sheet and cut multiple sheets at once to help save time. I used a glue stick to affix the flames to the candlesticks.

There you have it: A fun, easy game for a sweets-themed party or any birthday party! It was a hit at my daughter’s party, and even the adults wanted to have a round trying it!

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DIY Personalized Water Bottle Labels for a Special Party


My grandmother turned 90 recently and the family had a big party to celebrate. We are all about going big on a small budget so I decided to make — rather than buy — water bottle labels. They were fairly simple to make, just a bit time consuming. With a family party though, there are usually always people willing to help. Surprisingly my husband was into helping on this one!

We started by removing the existing labels from the water bottles. Then I measured the width onto scrapbook paper in various patterns/colors that match the party theme. I cut the strips using my paper cutter.

Next I typed and printed the circular tags. (I would have preferred to use circular white labels to print on, but I didn’t think about that in time.) I handcut/punched each circle — very tedious — but it didn’t take too much time once I got in the rhythm. I then glued the circle tags onto the paper strips, placing them in the center of each strip.

My husband helped affix the completed labels to the water bottles using a hot glue gun. With two people, this worked out well and cut down the time it would’ve taken for me to do it alone! He put the glue onto the bottle, starting the label on one end. Then he passed it to me to wrap the rest of the label around the bottle and make sure it was properly in place before the glue dried.

The water bottles turned out nice and were a subtle touch for the party, showing that each detail was carefully considered in our decoations for such a special day. With this DIY method, we were not able to put the bottles in coolers due to the paper but no one complained!

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DIY Sparkler for New Year’s Celebration

My daughter goes to the best daycare. Just picked her up today and she made a fun sparkler for their New Year’s celebration. It is so clever and seems simple to make, plus she won’t put it down, so I had to share it!


Cut two long strips of different colored paper and fringe cut them. Cut a long strip of foil and fringe cut it also. Then twist the strips around a popsicle stick and tape to the stick. Spread out the paper to create a pretty little sparkler! Happy new year!

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Winter Kids Craft Using Upcycled Bottles and Cans

I saw this idea floating on Pinterest this season, and so I was pleasantly surprised to see our local community light display organizers had made these cute snowmen for their winterscape light display. And they hung them from tree branches – a great touch. These DIY snowmen made such a cute display.


They used plastic bottles and aluminum cans. I’m sure a small collection could be saved in no time at all. They painted them white and added the face with permanent marker.

The plastic bottle snowmen got little snow hats made of fabric scraps while the can snowmen got ear muffs made of puff balls and pipe cleaners. A colorful, festive ribbon made a perfect scarf for the snowmen.

So cute and a clever way to reuse empty cans and bottles. And it seems easy to do. This craft is definitely on my list for next year when my kid is a little older!

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Two Special Christmas Gifts

The gift of Jesus and this adorable DIY card my daughter made showcasing that special night long ago are two of the best gifts!

Being a fan of handprint art, I had seen this art idea floating around Pinterest. I love it and am so glad that the awesome teachers at my daughter’s daycare took the time and care to help the kids make these as gifts for the parents!


To make this, they started with having the kids paint the night sky on heart-shaped paper using cotton balls and light blue paint. The child’s brown handprint formed the manger. Then raffia was added to make the bed and paper cutouts were used to make baby Jesus and the big bright star. It looks as though the teachers drew the halo with a gold paint marker. They finished the card with this bible verse:

You will find a baby wrapped in swaddling cloths lying in a manger. Luke 2:12

Like I said, two very special gifts. ♡ Merry Christmas! ♡

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