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Happy 30th Birthday Bucket Gift Ideas

on July 8, 2015

Following my recent post about a 40th birthday gift basket, I also have a couple variations for 30th birthdays! They say 30 is the new 20, so these gift buckets focus on fun and celeration! They would be great for 21st or 25th birthdays as well.

Party Girl Birthday Bucket

This gift bucket is simple to make, just requires gathering the items you need and about 20 minutes of assembly. You can find mini liquor bottles at most liquor stores. Get a good mix based on flavors the birthday celebrant likes, name of the liquor (some are called Kinky, Cake, etc.), and colors you want for your basket. Wrap some colored pipe cleaners around the top of each liquor bottle and attach it to a sturdy popsicle stick, skewer stick or dowel rod by continuing to wrap the pipe cleaner. From the party supply store (or online printables), place a big “30” on another dowel rod or large popsicle stick. For this I used a store-bought “30” centerpiece. To hold everything in place in your bucket, throw in some candy and any other goodies. I added a “30” pint glass, dial-a-shot game and “30” candles from the party store. Finish it with some beads decorated around the top of the bucket!

30 Ways to Celebrate Bucket

I made this bucket for my little sister’s 30th as a partly celebratory and partly sentimental gift. It included things for her now and things that we used to like growing up.

The theme is “30 Ways to Celebrate” and included 30 gifts grouped together in several categories:

  • Pamper Yourself (1-3: facial masque, scented lotion and body wash)
  • Play (4-9: puzzle, iTunes gift card, beach ball, poppers, Barbie, princess autograph book for Disneyland)
  • Indulge (10-15: popcorn and candy)
  • Celebrate (16-20: silly string, sparklers, wine glass, wine bottle, beer bottle)
  • Reflect (21: a list of 30 of my favorite sister memories we shared)
  • Dress Up (22-24: jewelry)
  • Relax (25-27: pajama set and candle)
  • Get Lucky (28-30: lotto tickets)


For the bucket I re-used a Popcorn Factory bucket that was given to me and that I kept because it screams party! I wrapped each item in coordinating patterned and solid color tissue paper and tied ribbons on many. I used mailing labels for the numbers. Finish it off with a couple “30” items from the party store, including a beaded shot glass necklace and a cut-out for the backdrop, which I taped to a festive straw to stick in the bucket. I printed the “Ways to Celebrate” and description on my printer, taped them to purple paper backings and taped them to the “30” cut-out. As you can imagine, not everything fit in my cute birthday bucket so I used a separate gift bag for overflow items. Not a big deal and it still looked great!


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