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“Celebrate 40” Birthday Gift Basket

on July 1, 2015


I am a fan of making gift baskets for milestone birthdays. For a friend’s 40th, I put together this gift basket.

The theme is based off the phrase “Some people say turning 40…” and each of the 40 items in the box follow this phrase:
…is wild
…is a gift
…makes you a cougar
…is magical
…is hot
…calls for a drink
…is spicy
…is happiness
…is a headache
…is great
…is crazy
…requires bling
…requires shots
…and so on… use your imagination to make your basket items fit the theme!

I recommend printing each phrase on mailing labels so you can easily stick them on to the paper backings. For the basket/box, I glue-gunned some coordinating ribbon around a plain white box. Carefully place the items in the box, taping things down if needed to prevent movement. Then use cellophane and more ribbon to wrap it up. You could skip the cello wrap, but I was bringing this gift to a party and didn’t want things to go missing.


One response to ““Celebrate 40” Birthday Gift Basket

  1. This theme is so girly and cute! Feel free to check out our blog, http://www.twinspiraiton.co 🙂


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