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Colorful Topiaries Make Great Centerpieces

on June 11, 2015

Decorate your home or office with this adorable topiary made of colorful ribbon. Also makes a great party centerpiece! The best part is you can reuse this idea for any season or party theme – just swap out the ribbon color to match what you need!

Credit for these goes to my sister who made these topiaries for my baby shower. I loved them at the party and now use them to decorate my daughter’s room!


What You Need:
Small flower pot
Medium Styrofoam ball
Small Styrofoam ball
Dowel rod
Ribbon, assorted colors and patterns
Glue gun
Colorful Easter grass or shredded paper
Paint, for the vase (optional)
Modeling clay (optional)

What to Do
1. Paint the vase if you aren’t able to find one in the desired color. Let it dry.

2. Cut ribbon into 4 inch strips.

3. Fold ribbon strip in half and pin to the medium Styrofoam ball. Repeat until the ball is covered.

4. Insert one end of the dowel rod into the large Styrofoam ball and the other end into the small Styrofoam ball.

5. Place the small Styrofoam ball into the flower pot.

6. Decorate the pot with a strip of ribbon around the top and perhaps a bow. Use glue gun to secure ribbon to the flower pot.

7. Optional: Add modeling clay around the small Styrofoam ball to prevent movement in the flower pot. (I highly recommend this, but it’s not crucial. Just be gentle with the pot if you skip it.)

8. Drop in the Easter grass or shredded paper to cover the inside of the pot.

There you have it! Make as many as you need to create a festive look in your home, office or at your next party!


One response to “Colorful Topiaries Make Great Centerpieces

  1. kaceyoster says:

    I loved making those and I’m glad you have been enjoying them!

    Liked by 1 person

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