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Wrap Your Gifts in a DIY Rudolph Gift Bag

on December 19, 2014

There is so much creativity around me, I had to share this cleverly wrapped gift my sister made recently also.


The Rudolph gift bag is a great wrapping idea on its own. Kids of all ages would love receiving this! It is a great option for giving money or gift cards. Or have your kids help make it to give a present to family or friends!

All it takes is some basic crafting supplies. Grab a brown lunch bag, some googly eyes, a red pom pom, brown pipe cleaners and you got yourself a Rudolph! Don’t have a red pom pom, a black pom pom would work just as well to make a generic reindeer gift bag.

She made this for my nephew’s teacher so she added a printed note to the bag that says, “Thanks for making my future bright!” Inside was holiday-scented handsoap tied with Christmas ribbon and a printed note that my nephew hand signed. I had seen this on Pinterest and am glad to see she made it!


One response to “Wrap Your Gifts in a DIY Rudolph Gift Bag

  1. kaceyoster says:

    Thanks for featuring me on your blog. 😊


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