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Christmas Advent Wreath with Daily Bible Verse

on November 26, 2014


An advent wreath is a great twist on the typical advent calendar. It serves as a nice decoration and can be as simple or complex as you desire, depending on how much you want to make yourself. I went with the semi-homemade simple version… it features printed number ornaments with a daily bible verse written on the back of each ornament.

To make it, I started with an inexpensive pre-made wreath bought from a hardware store (oddly enough). It has a thick plastic frame with red garland wrapped around it. Making the wreath could be a DIY project in itself, but I swallowed my ambition and chose to save time and buy the wreath instead.

I found these lovely advent printable numbers, printed them and used my circle cutter to cut them so they will look like ornaments on the wreath. I also found this verse-a-day advent bible series online and wrote the daily verse on the back of each corresponding ornament. This could be varied depending on your advent plans. You could do an advent calendar with a daily holiday activity, a daily act of kindness, a daily Christmas joke, or mix and match.

Then I cut small slits in the top of each ornament using a blade and hung them on the tree with silver and green ornament hooks that I found on sale. I scattered the numbers around the wreath to make it more fun to try to find the ornament each day. The ornaments are the perfect size for the wreath, not too big and overbearing, and look like little ornaments — just the look I wanted!

What are you doing for advent this year? Please share your ideas and projects!


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