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Weekend Project: Handprint Turkey Thank You Cards

on November 22, 2014

Get into the Thanksgiving spirit with this fun activity you can do with your kids. Instead of buying over-priced greeting cards, make your own using your child’s handprint. The handprint turkey is a festive holiday design and is a special gift in itself for the recipient (especially grandparents or godparents who deserve a card made with a personal touch!). If you complete this activity now, you will have plenty of time to mail them before Thanksgiving!


For our cards, we used a different color paint for each finger to make colorful turkey feathers. After getting several good prints on sheets of blank white paper, we let the paint dry and then cut down the card and glued the turkey prints to coordinating patterned and solid paper. Finish the front design by adding legs, a beak and wattle with orange and red markers, and a Happy Thanksgiving headline across the top. The result is a cute little card.

We hand wrote a little message on the back, making sure to include “We are thankful for you!” I love handprint art and am always looking to create a homemade card, so this was a perfect combination of those two crafts. I even kept one for myself to display on the refrigerator!

Check out this similar project using your child’s handprint for homemade birthday cards.


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