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File for Next Year: Family Halloween Arts & Crafts

on November 21, 2014


It’s never too early to plan for next year’s Halloween! Gathering your ideas now will help when it comes to planning and prepping later. For this post, I am sharing some fun kid-friendly activities. These are good for family time fun or Halloween party arts and crafts.

Monster Cupcakes
Whip up a batch of your favorite flavor cupcakes, and then let the kids decorate them like monsters. Get a couple tubs of white/vanilla frosting and use food coloring to create the desired colors. I suggest green, purple and orange at a minimum. Use candy eyes, candy and black decorating gel to create the perfect cupcake monsters!

No-carve Jack-o-lanterns
Avoid the mess of carving pumpkins and decorate them instead! They will last longer uncarved so this is a great family activity to do early in the month so you have more time to admire your creations. Pick out a variety of small pumpkins when you visit the pumpkin patch (or buy fake pumpkins at your local craft store), then decorate with foam cutouts, paper, pipe cleaners, cotton puffs or pretty much any craft scraps you have on hand.

Milk Carton Ghosts
This is a good activity to plan a bit in advance, as it might take a few weeks or more to collect some empty milk or water jugs. Clean them and dry thoroughly. Then use black permanent markers or paint to draw the ghostly faces. Vary the faces for a fun variety. For added excitement, line up the ghost cartons, insert a strand of white lights and set them out at night for a homemade light-up decoration.

Marshmallow Ghosts
This one is very easy and cheap to make! All you need is a package of mini mallows, some glue and black paper. Use the glue to make a ghost design on the paper, then cover the outline with mallows. Reapply glue if it dries before you can place the mallows. And voila, a cute decoration! Just make sure to let it dry before displaying.

I hope you enjoy these and the many other Halloween activities out there. There is so much fun to be had by kids of all ages!


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