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DIY Birthday Cards Featuring Your Child’s Handprint

on November 12, 2014


Now that I have a toddler, I am very into handprint art! Before we get to doing our first handprint turkeys, we had to make some birthday cards for a handful of upcoming birthdays. I got this idea from Pinterest and wanted to share our attempt at it.

I poured the selected paint colors into small bowls. Then I painted her hands, using her palm for the cake color and her fingers (not the thumb) for the candles in a separate color. I used a white 12×12 sheet of paper and pressed her hand all over the paper, reapplying the paint after every two handprints.

To make the flames, I hand cut teardrop shapes in yellow/gold scrap paper. Then I cut around the handprints and applied the candle flames. For the card itself I cut and used various color combinations of scrap paper, sizing the backing to fit the envelope. On the back, I wrote the birthday message.

And there you have it, simple and sweet homemade birthday cards that double as a keepsake, perfect for grandparents and godparents!


Some tips for next time because I know there will be a next time:

  • Precut the white paper into proper size sheets and have them ready for the handprint.
  • Make more to have on hand as needed because there will always be birthdays and these are way better than store-bought cards!

What types of things do you make with your child’s handprint? I would love to see your creations and ideas!


2 responses to “DIY Birthday Cards Featuring Your Child’s Handprint

  1. kaceyoster says:

    It was so cute when I saw dad’s! Great keepsake.


  2. […] out this similar project using your child’s handprint for homemade birthday […]


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