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Jack-o-lantern Puffs for Kids’ Halloween Party Favors

on October 27, 2014


Looking for a simple, last-minute kid-friendly treat for a party or classroom treat? This is a great option to consider! I saw this adorable idea on Pinterest and decided to try it. All it took was 20 sandwich bags, a roll or two of Halloween ribbon, a black permanent marker and your choice of orange-colored snack treats.

I drew the Jack-o-lantern faces on the bags and then filled some with Cheezits and some with mini cheese puff balls. I liked the puffs best because of the round shape to make a nice little pumpkin. You could also use goldfish crackers, Cheetos or anything else orange! I filled each bag with enough treats so that they were approximately 100 calories each. I then tied with the ribbon and taped back the bottom corners to help shape the pumpkin.

These were great snacks for the kids at our Halloween party and made good favors as well for those who wanted to take them home for later. Either way, they will decorate the table nicely and are a simple, DIY festive treat!


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