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Hugs & Kisses for My Favorite Teacher: A Sweet Gift for Halloween or Anytime

on October 17, 2014


Looking for a simple gift for your kids’ teachers, tutors, coaches, babysitter or any other special person? I suggest a personalized container filled with tasty treats! By putting some festive colored goodies in a special cup or jar, you can create a great gift without breaking the bank. This would work for any holiday or occasion.

For a sweet Halloween treat for my daughter’s daycare teachers in the “Seahorse” class, I wanted to give them a special gift that doubled as a thank you and Halloween gift. My daughter was going to be moving up to the next class at daycare so my goal was something personal that they could reuse. What better item than a reusable cup with a seahorse design and their initials on it!

The personalized cups are the double-insulated plastic type, purchased custom from a great shop I found on Etsy: Fox and Clover Boutique. If you decide to order a personalized or custom item for your gift, make sure you check the shipping time and allow enough time. I also suggest tracking to make sure it arrives on schedule. Fox and Clover Boutique was great to work with for these cups.

While I waited for the cups to arrive, I bought the candy, gift bag and made the cards. I went with Hershey kisses and hugs in purple, orange, gold and silver wrappers. I then cut some orange pattern and solid paper to make a simple homemade card, which I decorated with Halloween stickers for some added flair.

Hugs and Kisses to my favorite teacher!

I put the candy in the cups and put the finished gifts into Halloween treat bags found at the dollar store. The result: an easy, low-cost personalized gift with a big impact to show our appreciation!



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