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How-to: Easy Bat-themed Halloween Party Invitation

on October 8, 2014

Halloween is quickly approaching and party planning is under way! Save money this year by creating a cute and simple bat-themed Halloween party invitation to announce your party and get guests in the festive mood from the moment they open it.


For our Halloween party this year, my sister and I decided on a traditional Halloween theme, featuring all the usual favorites: pumpkins, bats, spiders, ghosts and mummies. I wanted to create a fun party invitation to highlight this theme. I had seen a bat cutout paired with a candy bar used as a Halloween gift, and thought I could adapt that for the invitation. My solution was to replace the candy bar with the party details. It worked perfectly, and I got numerous compliments on how cute it was!


How to Make the Invitation:

Items needed: Black cardstock, white printer paper, computer with printer, black marker, pencil/pen, double-sided tape or glue stick, scissors, hole punch, paper cutter (optional).

1. Download and print this free printable bat template, created by Skip to My Lou.

2. Cut out the pattern and trace it onto black cardstock. I used 65# paper, purchased in a pack of 50 sheets from Michaels for a few dollars.

3. Put a couple of black papers together and cut out the traced bat. I usually try to save time by cutting a few at a time, as many as your scissors and hands can handle.

4. Type your party details and print on white paper. I recommend making two columns on your document, approximately 2 inches wide, so that you can easily fit your party details in the middle of the bat’s body when printed.

5. Cut out the party details, preferably using a paper cutter if you have a hard time making straight cuts with scissors like me. Tape or glue to the bat’s body, lining it up in between the wings.

6. Hole punch your white paper scraps to make eyes. Tape or glue eyes to the bat, placing just above the party details. Use a black marker to color in the pupils of the eyes.

7. Fold in the bat’s wings and deliver your cute invitation to your guests.

8. Take it a step further and cut out more bats to use as decorations or pair with candy bars to use as party favors.

Happy haunting!


One response to “How-to: Easy Bat-themed Halloween Party Invitation

  1. kaceyoster says:

    It was so creative and cute!


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