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Halloween-themed Table Place Cards

on October 2, 2014

It’s October, my favorite month! That means my Halloween prep is already in full swing! First up, table tents. These are super easy to make and can add character to any party setup. These are great to make for decoration around the house, as well as for food labels or name placecards at a party.

I made some Halloween-themed table tents using everyday supplies. You will need a computer with printer, patterned and solid color paper (cut in 5″
squares), scissors and double-sided tape or glue (spray would work best to avoid clumps). I also used some fancy edge scissors for added flair.


One fun part of this project is it utilizes those unique fonts you have that you probably rarely get to use. Browse through the fonts on your word processing program to find ones that fit your theme. If needed, I recommend downloading free fonts. I found a collection of fun Halloween fonts here. It’s easy to download and install fonts (see these simple instructions) and next thing you know, they are ready to use in your document.

Next, type out some clever sayings, guest names or whatever it is you are printing. Be sure to leave enough space – about 2 inches – between each line to allow room to cut. Then cut around the text and place on the solid color paper. Cut the solid color paper, leaving a border around the text, and then place on to your patterned paper. Fold the patterned paper and trim the ends to the desired width.

You could also change up the paper colors and do something similar for any other holiday or party theme. The possibilities are endless. I plan to use these to label party favors at my upcoming Halloween party. More on that later…

Happy crafting!


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